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Making Money By Saving On Finance

Everyone needs to make money from some source to cover their costs of living. But over and above the basics, there’s Making Money.

Save by Sourcing Successfully

There are three main sources for marine finance and boat loans:

How can you really make money or make some real money?

While you may want to pursue a lot of ideas and schemes advertised to make money, this site focuses on a sensible and practical approach to making money by saving on your finance deals. The how, where and who to make money by saving money.

The information has been compiled from experienced finance industry specialists, who share some of their inside knowledge, tips and hints to assist you when you are seeking loans, especially marine finance.

Much of the information is equally relevant to other areas including cars, caravans and other major purchases.

Brokers offer many benefits over directly applying to banks and finance companies for most loans.

They are not limited to the one portfolio of loans as banks and finance companies have only the loans offered under the corporation banner to offer. A wider selection means more competition and better pricing and loan structure.

Brokers have the flexibility to structure your application for approval, saving you the time and cost of shopping around.

Brokers will handle all the loan arrangements and details for you, even organise getting the payment to the dealer or seller at settlement. Saving you a lot of time and cost.

Brokers will negotiate you the cheapest interest rates and loan deal possible. They work for you, not the bank’s profit margin.

Brokers know how banks price their loans. This works in your favour, because the broker can more competitively structure your loan at a lower pricing so you receive the saving.

Commercial Marine Finance

If purchasing a vessel for your marine business, whether it be small boats for a hire or charter fleet or a large workhorse for a dredging business, a broker may save you by sourcing a highly competitive commercial marine finance deal. Business operators have a choice of leasing, Chattel Mortgage and CHP for funding and savings can be realised by correctly selecting the right product to suit both your company accounting methods and your business objectives. Specialist marine finance brokers are best placed to assist business customers with the complex nature of some commercial loan products

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